There are three kinds of podcasts:

1~ Audio podcasts are usually an MP3 file and are the most common types of podcasts.

2~ Enhanced podcasts can have images to go along with the audio. They can also have chapter markers, making it easier to skip to different portions of an episode. Enhanced podcasts are an AAC file and are not supported by all devices.

3~ Video podcasts are movies, complete with sound. Video podcasts can be in a variety of formats, but MPEG-4 is the most popular.

Podcasting Work Flow

  1. Choose Topic

  2. Writing Script

  3. Recording Voice

  4. Music 

  5. Sound Effects

Podcasting Documents

Podcast Script (example from Natalie Christ)

Podcast Checklist (example from Natalie Christ in editable Word format)

Examples of Educational Podcasting

Jamestown Elementary

Radio WillowWeb


Barack Obama Podcast (First Grade)

This I Believe (Sixth Grade)

Kelly Smith Music and Podcasts (Third Grade)

Van Gogh Podcast (Fifth Grade)

Podcasting Ideas

  • Audio versions of student stories read by the student with music and sound effects

  • Weekly class podcast for parents and students

  • Audio log of science experiments

  • Historical audio diaries

  • Oral histories

  • Art critiques

  • Classroom news

Moving Forward with Podcasts