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Google Docs
Online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation creator that students can easily access from home and school. Also makes it very easy to share their work with other students and teacher.
  • Buddy book reports where two students read same book and collaborate in an online document.
  • Collaborative presentations that are built as a team.
  • Create a collaborative story.
  • Working on writing on any computer with Internet connection and browser.
  • Replaces Microsoft Word or other "offline" word processors.
  • Allows students to have access anytime and anywhere without having to have work stored on a storage device like a floppy disk or flash drive.
  • Google Docs also creates a transparency in colllaboration and peer editing that has not existed before.
  • Teacher can easily add comments directly to the student writing for revision.
Google Docs Help Sheet

EUSD Google Docs Account Creation

Google Docs in Plain English
Allows classes to easily setup a web page for blogging or sharing news about the classroom. Can be used for teachers as their classroom web page. Also gives students a safe place to learn about participating in discussions online.
  • Create a private class blog that students can all post to about themselves and their learning.
  • Use blog for literature response and dialogue. Try including parents in the discussion as well.
  • Have students post their findings from a science experiment.
  • Invite other classes to participate in shared discussions about their learning.
  • Replaces Microsoft Front Page or other programs for creating web sites.
  • Gives teachers access to their web site at home or school and do not need anything more than a web browser to work on it.
  • Creates a news feed on the main page that people can subscribe to and also comment on.
  • Allows easier sharing of video and audio than the older systems like Front Page.
WordPress Video Tutorials

WordPress Help Guide

Examples of Educational Blogs

Blogs in Plain English Video
Creates a space for students to build collective writing and projects that can be edited from any web browser.
  • Have students build a knowledge center on what they are studying in science or social studies.
  • Have students collectively keep a document about the school year.
  • Create your own wikipedia using the expertise that students have in the classroom.
  • Not a direct replacement for any one tool.
  • Provides a central space that all students can use to build stories or research projects.
  • Similar to Google Docs, but is easier access and share with anybody outside of the classroom.
Wikispaces Tutorials

Wikispaces Video Introduction (Coming Soon)

Create A Wiki

Wiki Walk Through For Educators

Examples of Educational Wikis

Wikis in Plain English Video
An easy to use software program for creating multimedia slideshows and movies with digital images from a camera or found on the Web.
  • Create multimedia presentations of student created stories.
  • Build movies in place of poster reports.
  • Create a photo slide show of field trips and classroom activities that can be posted on classroom web site.
  • Could be viewed as a replacement for PowerPoint.
  • Photostory can include recorded student voice, as well as background music that can be generated from within the program.
PhotoStory Tutorial

How to Use Photo Story 3 (PDF)

PhotoStory Video Tutorial
Image Editor
Picasa and web-based image editors are useful for cropping, resizing and enhancing images.
  • Create old time images from digital photos using photo effects.
  • Crop and resize images for reports and presentations.
  • Windows has no built in image editor, so gives a new ability to take images from a digital camera or those found on the internet and customize them for web pages, presentations, or videos.
Picasa Tutorial

Picasa User_Guide (PDF)

Picnik Online Image Editor

Photoshop Express Online Editor
Google Earth
Creates an interactive globe on the computer.
  • Find images, links, and descriptions, with information about thousands of volcanoes around the globe.
  • Explore Tutankhamun's Tomb.
  • Take a virtual tour of the 21 California Missions.
  • Explore distance, velocity, and wave properties of tsunamis.
  • Search for photos and user-created maps showing famous museums like the Louvre in Paris.
  • Replaces the maps and globes that have traditional been used in the classrooms.
  • A teacher or student can zoom into any part of the earth and see satellite imagery of the earth up close with 3D rendering.
  • Can also view images from all over the world, as well content from National Geographic, NASA and Discovery Networks among many other organizations.
  • Students can access tours created by other educators or can even create their own.
Google Earth For Education

Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Live Earth
Delicious/Online Bookmarks
Creates a space for saving and accessing web bookmarks from any web browser. Also allows a user to easily share some or all of their bookmarks with others. We are recommending the site Delicious for EUSD teachers to use for saving and sharing bookmarks.
  • Link your bookmarks to your class web site for easy access.
  • Create tags for different projects that can be easily filtered for students.
  • Create a shared database of web resources with your grade level team.
  • Replaces the bookmarks stored on a web browser.
  • Creates easy access between home and school.
  • Makes it easy to share bookmarks with students and other teachers.
  • Can tag bookmarks so that they can be filed in multiple categories.
Setup An Account For Delicious Online Bookmark SIte

Social Bookmarking in Plain English Video

Learning To Use Tags In Delicious

EUSD Delicious Bookmarks (To add to this list, use the tag "eusd")
Audio recording and editing software. Allows more recording multiple tracks of voice and music that can be mixed into an MP3 that can be posted on a web site or shared via iTunes.
  • Create audio versions of student stories read by the student with music and sound effects.
  • Create a weekly class podcast for parents and students.
  • Create an audio log of science experiments.
  • Gives students a voice for presenting stories and other writing.
  • Provides an opportunity to create a product that will be more engaging for students than just writing it out.
Mixcraft Help Guide

Mixcraft Videos
Photo Sharing
Online sites that provide space for uploading and sharing images.
  • Create a database of images for a thematic unit.
  • Post photos from science experiment for all students to use in report.
  • Provide access to images from classroom and school events for classroom newsletter.
  • Replaces putting images on computer desktop or network drive.
  • Gives access to photos and images for presentations, movies and written reports from home and school.

Picasa Web Albums

Online Photo Sharing in Plain English
Video Conferencing
Two way communication via web cameras or video cameras over the Internet.
  • Create a connection between students in different schools in the district to share stories.
  • Work collaboratively in real time with a class in a different part of the country or world on a science experiment.
  • Interview experts in science, math or social studies.
  • Connect to organizations like NASA, California State Parks and museums for Virtual Field Trips.
  • Creates a new type of connection to the world outside of the classroom.
  • Provides opportunities for students to have cultural experiences with students in other locations.
EUSD Video Conference System Reservation Calendar

Virtual Field Trips Directory
United Streaming
Web service with a large database of educational video content.
  • Create playlist of videos for classroom units.
  • Provide more visual learning examples in all subject areas.
  • Replaces video tapes.
  • Provides access to thousands of clips that are searchable by standard.
  • Breaks videos into smaller chunks that can be more easily shared to highlight classroom lessons.
United Streaming Login Page

United Streaming Teacher Resource Page

United Streaming User Guide (PDF)
Gives students the opportunity to create stories using different mediums like clay, pencil and computer drawn animation.
  • Recreate science processes.
  • Create animated versions of historical events.
  • Create movies about math concepts.
  • Gives students who are stronger visual communicators the ability to demonstrate learning in a variety disciplines.
  • Creates a more compelling way for students to create projects.
  • Reinforces visual and performing arts standards.
EUSD Animation Page

Tech4Learning Claymation Resources