4-6 Instructional Technology

Language Arts

Students can access work from anywhere anytime and collaborate on assignments when necessary. EUSD students can get free accounts through the district.
Reading Portfolio Assignments
Online activity in which students will review a book, article, photo, poem, and a site in their online Google Docs portfolio.
The Spang Gang Web Program
Standard aligned pages that provide resources that teach, practice and assess through riveting activities.
Author Study
Students will read, journal, research, create a PowerPoint presentation and make an oral presentation on a favorite author.
Literature: Online Activities for Upper Elementary These websites include interactive activities to work on reading skills. Activities focus on different skills like fact and opinion, compare and contrast, and drawing conclusions. There are links to eTheme resources on other literature activities, reading strategies, and online stories.
Online lesson with introduction, task, resources, process, evaluation, and conclusion. Go to Find WebQuests and type in your topic of choice.
Blogs in Action
Shows Mr. McGrath's successful use of blogs with his students.

external image top_logo.gif An online streaming video program featuring SAG members reading children's storybooks aloud with activities and lesson ideas.


Poetry Templates and Examples
Instant Poetry for Students. Templates and examples for over 50 types of poetry.
Touchstone Poets
Judy Leff's site which highlights 10 poets with additional supporting links and exemplars of student work.


Fun way to improve spelling. Dramatically improve your students ability to earn and retain spelling words. Over 6,600 words to practice with. Easily customize lists that will be used in all the games on the site.


external image mp_logo.jpg Action-packed site where students can practice math skills, solve word problems, watch math videos, play logic games and have some fun!
external image _i6k0893.jpg Rainforest math has interactive math activities for grades K-6.
external image logo-nlvm.gif National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
external image piebar_icon.gif Create a Graph
external image CB%20numbers.JPG Use this tool to learn about everything from number operations to ratios, fractions, measurement, money, angles and directions.
external image airplane.jpg Great math activities involving planes.


external image logo.gif
This is a great source for primary source images and other media.

**Harcourt Social Studies**
Our newly adopted social studies curriculum has an online component.Adventure activities, virtual field trips, variety of atlas and more.
**National Archive of Educators and Students**
Lessons by era with online activities to complete, standard correlations, teaching activities. Great on-line document, photo and cartoon analysis worksheets and more.


Topic Selection Wizard to help you find a topic that can hold your interest.


Dance Mat Typing Begin at Level 1 and build up your skills gradually through to Level 4.
"Paste the Keys" Typing - “Paste the Keys” typing exercises for all levels
"Goat Typing" - This is the very popular BBC typing website with a humorous goat as the host.
"Alphabet Rain" Typingfocuses on learning typing with the rhythm of music.
"Falling Words" Typing
Power Typing - Typing exercises and speed test

Technology Lessons

The Bird Can Blog:Online Writing With a Twist
Want to improve your students' quality and quantity of writing? Check out this lesson plan for grades 3-5! Students assume the persona of a real or imagined classroom pet and write a blog describing daily activities in the classroom.
Biography Brainstorm:Using Word and the Web to Jumpstart Research
Students use Internet resources and Microsoft Word drawing tools to brainstorm (through webbing) questions about a person they will research and write about.
A Picture's Worth 1000 Words:Decoding Intercultural Symbols
In this interdisciplinary lesson, K-8 students try to interpret what pictographs -- pictures that symbolize a word or concept -- really mean. Then they write sentences using their own pictograph system.
What's The Word?
Students define 4-5 words, create crossword puzzles with a free online tool, and then share their puzzles for review purposes.
Croc or Gator?
Students read online information about crocodiles and alligators, write down the similarities and differences, and then create a Venn Diagram.
An Attitude of Gratitude: A PowerPoint About Being Thankful
Students think "outside the box" to identify unusual things they’re thankful for, and then use digital content (audio, images, movies...) to represent those things on a PowerPoint slide. Students’ slides are combined into a class slide show.
Look But Don't Touch:Dangerous Animal Facts
Using an age-appropriate reference site, students identify three facts on a dangerous animal then record those facts on a printable graphic organizer.
Get into the Flow with an Interactive Volcano
Working in small groups, students research the structural elements of a volcano and type 5 facts onto a PowerPoint slide. With adult help, groups then combine their slides into a slideshow, and make an interactive table of contents using a volcano diagram and PowerPoint's Action Buttons.
Human Body Board Game
Students research a system of the body, write questions and answers on game cards in Word, and then play the using a game board template from Word.
Prehistoric Pen Pals
Students research dinosaurs, assume the personality of a specific dinosaur species, and write online “getting to know you” letters to other student-dinosaurs in the class. Students then swap letters and write replies.
Slicing Up Fractions
Students review the concepts of equivalent fractions, adding fractions, and multiplying fractions as they solve problems involving pieces (fractions!) of pizza.
Students learn basic facts about giant and lesser pandas, then categorize same or differing characteristics onto an online Venn diagram.
Illustrating Student Writing
In this lesson, students type in Microsoft Word a descriptive paragraph about a person or other creature they would most like to meet. They then draw in Microsoft Paint a picture of that person and/or of their meeting, and insert that image into the Word document.
Tasty Tech Activity With Excel
This lesson plan helps classroom teachers introduce basic Excel skills to students in elementary and middle school. Students rank their opinions of menu items from fast food restaurants, add their answers to the spreadsheet, and then create a simple graph of the results. This lesson takes 1-2 sessions, approximately 30-45 minutes each.
Formatting Fun
Students practice formatting basics for use in classroom writing activities.
How Does it End? A Lesson in Creativity
Students use drawing software, such as Paint to draw, or write and draw, their own endings to a read-aloud story.