Digital Photos In The Classroom

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Copyright Friendly Digital Images

All of these sites have images and media that can be used in the classroom and for student projects. Please refer to the usage policy on each site to determine the extent in which the media can be used. Often there is permission to be used in the confines of the classroom, but not to be published and available on the Internet. When locating images it is very important to find pictures that are larger than 640 x 480, smaller images will get stretched and pixelated.


Public Domain Images

Flickr Commons


Once you are comfortable with the Creative Commons designations, try FlickrStorm for better searching experience. Click on "Advanced" under the search field and you can search by different Creative Commons designations. Click on play button of video below to learn more.

WikiMedia Commons

World Images

Photo Sharing


Picasa Web Albums

Applications That Play Well With Digital Photos

Organization and Editing

Picasa | Instructions
Photoshop Express

Multimedia Creation

PhotoStory | Instructions | Video Tutorial
Windows Movie Maker | Instructions | Video Tutorial
Google Presentation

Books and Publishing


Classroom Application

Think of how your students could use digital photos in:

Language Arts?
Social Studies?
Physical Education?

Digital Storytelling Examples

Lesson Plans and Ideas

Instructional Strategies with a Digital Camera (PDF: Based on Marzano's nine research-based strategies for increasing student achievement)